Choose Roof Racks That Hold Your Kayak On Its Side

One of the numerous things that you'll need to evaluate when you shop for a kayak roof rack is how this device will hold your kayak above the roof of your vehicle. Some roof racks are designed to hold kayaks horizontally, similar to the position in which this boat sits on the water. There are other roof racks that hold your boat on its side. There are lots of reasons to favor one particular set of roof racks over another, but you may wish to lean toward a product in which your kayak is positioned on its side. Here are some benefits of this orientation.

Ability To Hold Multiple Kayaks

Roof racks that hold a kayak on its side often give you the ability to hold multiple boats in this manner. If you have a roommate or spouse who also enjoys kayaking and has their own boat, and perhaps even have a friend or neighbor who wishes to kayak with you, you won't have trouble loading each of these boats onto roof racks that position kayaks on their sides. Conversely, a kayak is widest when it sits horizontally. This means that you may not be able to carry as many kayaks on your vehicle as you'd like if you choose roof racks that hold this boat in this position.

Less Water Trouble

When a kayak sits horizontally on the roof of your vehicle, it can easily fill with water as you drive during rainfall. This leads to a few issues. It can be difficult to lift and tip the heavy, water-filled boat onto its side to allow the water to drain, and this process may result in you getting wet. When your roof racks keep your kayak on its side, only a small amount of water will be able to enter the boat. Because the boat is already on its side, you'll have no trouble tipping it a little to drain it before you take it off the vehicle.

Option Of Adding A Car-Top Box

Perhaps you only have one kayak that you need to carry with your roof racks. Racks that hold the boat on its side can still be a good choice because you'll have the option of adding a car-top box to the other side of your roof. This type of box can be valuable for carrying kayaking gear or other things that you'll need on your trip. If your boat is sitting upright, you probably wouldn't have room for this box.

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