Tips to Inspire Your Daughter's Rodeo Dreams

Rodeo is widely seen as one of the more dangerous sports in the world. Any arena where large beasts run wild is not a place that many people would want anything to do with. But some people live for it. Whether it's the thrill of the danger or the satisfaction they feel from commanding or controlling their own horse, rodeo is a favorite pastime of many, and that includes more and more women.

Do you have a daughter who has expressed interest in rodeo? Here's how to keep that flame going and encourage your daughter to keep pushing past barriers in what has traditionally been a male-dominated sport.

Show Her the Latest News of Professional Female Stars

If you believe that girls can do anything a boy can do, there are several resources you can share with your daughter to help her believe it, too. Seek out a women's pro rodeo news blog or program and show your daughter what the women at the very top of the sport are up to. If your local town doesn't have a ton of women saddling up, show your daughter that those women do exist and that they are excelling at what they do.

Seek Out a Female-Friendly Rodeo Event

It's true that you might not see many "cowgirl" riders at the local event in your small town. But look a little further and you will likely find an event that welcomes women or even an event that is girls-only. Your local women's pro rodeo news source may be able to help in this regard. If you believe your daughter would be intimidated by going head-to-head with the boys, find an event that is girls-only to help your daughter build confidence.

Find Her a Mentor

This might be easier said than done, but once you've identified who the biggest female rodeo stars are in your area, consider writing a letter and let them know your daughter is interested in meeting. If that doesn't work, seek out a local rodeo school or training program that specifically advertises training for female rodeo participants. Find your daughter a female rodeo athlete or trainer who has already accomplished what your daughter would like to do. Then, you'll have an ally who can help you keep your child focused on the training and regimen required to be successful.

Seek out pro rodeo news resources such as Rodeo Sports Nation to get started. 

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