Things To Consider When Installing An Inground Pool In Your Yard

Adding a pool for your family and friends to use in the summertime can be wonderful, but there are some things you consider when looking at options. Inground pool installation is not something you can do in a weekend, and working with a pool contractor to ensure the job is done correctly is often the best way to go. 

Site Survey

Before the inground pool installation begins, it is crucial to check the site for wires, pipes, and underground structures that could be a problem when the inground pool contractor begins excavating the area. Hiring a utility locating service to scan the yard and mark any lines or wires they find is the most practical way to determine where the pool will go and if any utilities need relocating during the project.

Finding wires or pipes under your yard does not mean you can't have a pool, but your contractor will need to research the utilities to see if they are still in use or are old and can come out during the excavation phase of the project. Sometimes the city engineer or building inspector will need to be involved to determine where the utilities go and if they are currently active. 

Pool Design

Once the site is ready, you can choose a pool design for your yard. If you are looking for a specific shape or want something specific, talk with the inground pool contractor, and they can work with you to find the best layout in the space you have available. 

Rectangular pools are popular because they allow you to swim laps for exercise, allow for different depths at each end, and can accommodate diving boards, water slides, and other fun features. However, if you are planning to hardscape around the pool and add things like waterfalls and other features, you may want some with a more natural shape that fits the contour of the property.

Some inground pool contractors also create theme pools that offer a complete makeover of the area the pool will be installed, including plants, a patio, and other features that make the entire environment seem like someplace completely different. Your diving platform could be the top of some rocks along the edge of the pool, and a waterfall could be the end of a short water slide that the kids can slide down and drop off the falls at the end. 

The design possibilities are endless, and a good inground pool installation company can help you bring the area to life if you are looking for more than just a basic pool in your backyard.  

Contact a local inground pool contractor to learn more.

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