Things To Consider When You Buy A Duck Call

If you're new to the pastime of duck hunting, it's important for you to carry the right gear. Various pieces of gear will increase the likelihood of you having a successful hunt, and a duck call is one of the most valuable things you can carry with you. Using a duck call will hopefully draw your prey toward you, which will make harvesting one or more ducks relatively easy. A hunting retailer will carry a wide selection of duck calls, so you'll want to take note of the different products and buy the right one for you. Here are some things that you should consider as you shop for a duck call.

Ease Of Use

Some duck calls are easier to use than others. When you look at a display of these products, you'll often see some that have packaging that suggests they're a good choice for a new hunter. Someone in your position will almost certainly want a duck call that is easy to use. When you're in position during the hunt, the last thing that you want is to struggle with making the right sound with your duck call. If you're shopping at an in-person store, don't shy away from asking a salesperson to refer you to a specific duck call that has a reputation as being ideal for novices.


Duck calls can vary a little in size, so you'll want to take size into account while you shop. Think about the size of your hands, for example. If you have small hands, you may feel that a smaller duck call is more comfortable to hold. Similarly, someone with large hands may find that a larger duck call is more suitable. You should also consider your hunting apparel. For example, if you have a smallish pocket on your coat in which you want to carry your duck call, note the call's measurements to ensure that it will fit.


You'll find duck calls in all sorts of colors. Many have an understated color, while others are brighter. There are advantages to both ideas. For example, you might favor a bright-colored duck call because it's easy to find in your hunting bag, especially in a low-light environment. On the other hand, some hunters prefer using duck calls that have muted or camouflage designs, as this matches with their other hunting attire and gear. Visit a hunting store to browse its selection of duck calls.

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