How to Choose a Hunting Rifle

Hunting is an enjoyable sport that allows you to interact with nature as you track and take down your favorite game. Using the ideal rifle for hunting is vital to take accurate shots. However, you'll find different hunting rifles in your gun store, and choosing the right option may be challenging. So, if you're shopping for a hunting firearm, here is how to select the perfect rifle.

Rifle action

Different hunting rifles for sale have unique operating mechanisms or actions. These include:

  • Single-shot gun. Single-shot action means that you can fire your firearm only once before putting a new cartridge in the gun. Single-shot rifles are ideal for experienced hunters as the shooter requires to take down the game in a single shot. These rifles come in different styles, including trap-door, falling-block, and break-open hunting rifles, each requiring a unique loading and unloading mechanism.

  • Repeating gun. Repeating handguns can hold multiple cartridges, allowing you to fire repeated shots without replacing a cartridge. Hence, repeating rifles are ideal for beginners as they require fewer skills to operate. Additionally, repeating rifles are available in different styles, including automatic rifles that remove and load cartridges independently. In contrast, bolt-action and lever-action guns require you to remove spent cartridges and load new ones.


You'll find hunting rifles made of different materials such as steel and wood in your gun store. Every material has its pros and drawbacks, which you should know to make an informed decision. For instance, stainless steel is a strong material that doesn't rust easily. In contrast, wooden rifles are attractive due to their unique wood finishing, although they are prone to water damage and breakage due to impact. However, wooden rifles can last long with proper maintenance. Therefore, research the available materials in your gun shop and choose wisely.

Weight and Size 

When hunting, you need a gun you can handle comfortably for an excellent hunting experience. Consider your hunting gun's weight and size. If the rifle feels too heavy or light, or its size doesn't feel right, consider getting another handgun with the correct size and weight from your gun store.


Considering the cost of your hunting rifle is essential to stay within your budget limit. Nonetheless, the cost of hunting guns differs depending on the material, action, and style. So, identify the fundamental gun features you want and get quotations from various gun stores. Then, compare the estimates and purchase your hunting firearm from the most affordable gun shop.

When shopping for a hunting rifle, consider its action, material, cost, weight, and length. These tips will help you purchase the ideal hunting gun from a local gun store.   

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