Buying The Best Golf Cart For Your Use And Needs

Golf carts are not just for golf anymore, and there are so many custom carts available that choosing one can be challenging. People are using golf carts for transportation and recreation as much as they are for golf these days, and the carts are getting larger and more power to accommodate these uses off the golf course.

Determining Your Use

Before you buy a golf cart, it is a good idea to decide how you will use it and what accessories you may need for that use. If you will use your golf cart for transportation on the golf course, a standard car with turf tires and a place for your golf bag makes sense. You can get one small enough to transport with you to the course you are playing on, or if you live in a golf community, you can drive from home to the greens directly.

Some golf courses may restrict the size, weight, and tire type on some courses, so check with the club management to determine if you need something specific on your golf cart or if it needs to fall with parameters set by the golf course for you to use it there. If the golf course allows it, you may want to get a large golf cart to carry three or four golfers and their bags so your group can all stay together on the course. 

Recreational Use

Another widespread use for golf carts is for camping and recreation. Often taking a golf cart with you to the campground allows you to travel to the office or store, a lake, beach, or other amenities and allows you to move around without causing a lot of noise. 

The size and power of these golf carts are often enhanced to make them work better in the dirt and off-road and may include taller suspension systems to increase ground clearance, aggressive tires, and larger battery banks for extended use. If you have a family and want to have everyone in the cart, you can get four and six-seater carts that are longer and are reinforced for the additional weight they have to carry but are still easily able to traverse mild off-road terrain to get to the lake or the beach.

Cart Accessories

When you buy a golf cart, talk to the dealer about how you will use it and what accessories you may want to add on. There are many options, including winches, upgraded bumpers, and upgraded seats, that you may want to consider. 

If you buy a golf cart from a dealer with a service center like American Carts, they can often install the accessories you want before you pick it up. The list of accessories is exceptionally long. There is just about anything you want for golf carts but remember that these vehicles are battery-powered, so some accessories may run the batteries down faster, reducing your range and use time.  

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