How A Beginner Should Choose Their First Rifle Scope

Most guns need some type of optical sighting device. This is especially true for rifles because having a sight means you avoid having to line up the rear and front sight with your target. If you will be going shooting with a rifle for the first time and you're looking for the right sight, there are many options to choose from.

Don't Always Choose the Strongest Scope

You might assume that the stronger the scope, the better. However, in some cases, a scope that is too strong can actually make it more likely that you will miss your target. When engaged in deer hunting, for example, a 3-9x scope is usually ideal because the three power is low enough for when the deer is closer.

The power of the scope refers to how much the scope is magnified. For example, with a power of nine, your scope will be magnified nine times. The best scope will depend on where you will be hunting, what you will be hunting, and whether you'd like to do target shooting and at what distance.

You will not necessarily want a very large scope because you not only won't need it but you may not be able to hit a target that is very far away. Also, if you are a newer hunter, adding a scope will only make the process more complicated and you will be spending more money on a scope that you may later wish you never purchased. 

How to Evaluate a Scope

The light transmission determines the quality of the scope. The most expensive scopes can have a light transmission that is almost exact. The greater the magnification, the less light that will reach your eyepiece. However, if the scope is larger, this will increase the amount of light that you will receive.

One characteristic to consider is whether the scope has a fixed power or a variable power. If it has a fixed power, it will only have one magnification, while variable power means that you will be able to adjust the magnification to fit your needs. However, if you plan on only using the scope within a single type of environment, the fixed scope might be easier to use.

There are various other characteristics to consider, such as the lens coating and the scope reticle, but an experienced gun optics business will be able to help you make your decision. Contact a company that provides gun optics accessories for more information. 

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