Storing Your Boat For Long Periods Of Time

Storing your boat during the winter months can be an important step for reducing the potential damage that the vehicle can incur as well as minimizing the costs of keeping the boat in the water during months when you may not use it. Preparing your boat for a long-term storage period can be a preventative type of maintenance that people may fail to fully appreciate.

Understand The Damage Failing To Winterize The Engine Can Cause

The engine of the boat is one of the most vulnerable parts of the boat when it comes to cold temperatures. Failing to winterize the motor can lead to some of the fluids in the engine freezing. If this occurs, they will greatly expand in size, which can lead to components rupturing. Due to this threat, you should always drain the engine prior to storing it for long periods during the winter month. In addition to protecting the engine against the risk of corrosion and rupturing, this can also avoid situations where the fuel or oil degrades to the point where it can cause performance problems for the engine.

Have A Preference For Indoor Or Covered Storage Options

As you are evaluating potential storage solutions for your boat, it can be useful to have a preference for indoor or at least covered storage solutions. These solutions will be able to provide far more effective protection to the boat as it will not be directly exposed to the elements. It can still be necessary to prepare the boat for cold weather as many of the storage facilities may not have enough insulation or heating to effectively warm the large interior spaces that are needed for boat storage.

Protect The Upholstery During The Storage Period

During lengthy storage, the upholstery of your boat can accumulate large amounts of dust. In addition to impacting the appearance of the upholstery, this dust can also contribute to the upholstery developing foul odors, which can be very difficult to remove. Luckily, it is relatively easy to minimize this problem by placing a cover over the upholstery. This cover will be able to intercept the dust that may otherwise land on the upholstery. When placing a cover over the upholstery, you should avoid using plastic as this could trap moisture that may degrade the upholstery over time. Rather, cotton can be an effective protective cover that will still allow the upholstery enough circulation to prevent condensation from getting trapped.

Contact a local motorboat storage facility to learn more.

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