Why You Should Attend the Undercard Matches at a Boxing Fight Night

If you're a boxing fan and you've learned about an upcoming fight night event at a local venue, you might hurriedly buy tickets and plan to attend with some friends. For many boxing fans, it's common to show up shortly before the main event begins. What you might not realize, however, is that fight nights often take place for hours. While the main event might not occur until late in the evening, lower-level fights—known as undercard matches—could be scheduled to begin around dinnertime. If you're able, plan to attend the undercard fights at this type of sporting event for these reasons.

Gives You Better Value

Boxing matches can be over in a flash, and this means that if you only show up for the last few bouts, you might not get to see much action. When you arrive early enough to watch all or most of the undercard fights, you'll get better value. For example, you might get to enjoy a few hours worth of action, rather than perhaps just a couple of rounds later in the evening. Even if you're not glued to every minute of every preliminary fight, it can be fun to be in the exciting atmosphere of the arena.

Lets You See New Fighters

Long before a household name competes in the main event at a fight night, he or she typically starts by performing on the undercard of events. Boxers may compete on multiple undercards before they make their way to the main event. If you're a big boxing fan, you'll get some enjoyment out of seeing younger fighters who may have promising futures. You can even keep your program from the event and check it out in the years to come to see what names you now recognize. There's a chance that you could see a future champion early in his or her career, which can be exciting.

Helps You Navigate the Venue Quicker

If you're a part of the large crowd that shows up shortly before the main event begins, you may find yourself standing in lineups for longer than you'd like. For example, you might need to line up to enter the venue, line up to grab refreshments before taking your seat, and so on. Arriving at this sporting event early can be advantageous because lighter crowds often mean shorter lines. You should be able to get into the venue and get a drink and a snack quickly before making your way to your seats without much issue. 

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