3 Things To Look For In A Semi-Automatic Trigger

Triggers are an important part of any firearm because they activate the firing mechanism. Semi-automatic triggers are great because they have a self-loading design, which makes subsequent firing a lot easier to carry out. If you're in the market for one of these firearm components, these things are important to look for.

Lightweight Design

There are a lot of important attributes to take into account with a semi-automatic trigger, but one of the most important is the weight. This attribute will vary quite a bit from trigger to trigger so it's important to review before making your purchase.

If you go with a lightweight semi-automatic trigger, then you can reduce the impact the trigger has on your shooting performance. You won't have to account for a lot of extra weight and can then look forward to more accurate shots on a consistent basis. 

Safety Certified

No matter what type of trigger is on your firearm, you want it to be extremely safe to use. You'll then be able to shoot with a lot more confidence because you won't have to worry about critical issues happening that cause major injury.

When you go out looking for a semi-automatic trigger, you want to make sure it is completely safety certified. This shows you the trigger has been through all sorts of performance tests and did well on them to pass. Seeing this safety certification will give you added confidence when buying one of these components. 


There are a lot of different types of semi-automatic triggers and not all of them work with the same type of firearms. You will thus need to be careful to not get a semi-automatic trigger that doesn't fit on your particular firearm.

The easiest way to go about this is checking to see exactly what type of firearm is supported by the semi-automatic trigger, which you should be able to find out in the product description. If you see your firearm listed, then you know the trigger is compatible and that it will then fit and work out perfectly. You won't have to second-guess your selection at all. 

Semi-automatic triggers are coveted by a lot of firearm enthusiasts today because of their exceptional performance and convenience. If you plan on buying one for your gun, take your time looking at impactful specs that will impact how well this firearm accessory investment turns out. You then won't have any regrets. 

For further tips, reach out to a gun store that offers products like Geissele SSA triggers.

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