Characteristics Of A Good Rifle For Long-Range Hunting

Most hunters don't take a "one-gun-fits-all" approach to hunting. Instead, they'll think about the type of prey that they wish to pursue and how they plan to pursue it — and then select a firearm that will help to get the job done. If you have some experience with various forms of hunting and you're keen on learning how to hunt at a long range, it may be time to visit your local gun shop to buy hunting rifles specifically for this purpose. This will be a specialized rifle that you'll use specifically for long-range shots, rather than targeting your prey at close distances. Here are some characteristics of a good rifle for long-range hunting.

Long Barrel

Rifle barrel lengths can vary considerably, and most experienced hunters have their preferences about barrel length. Long-distance hunting may involve some trekking to get to your spot, but you'll then typically hunker down and wait for the prey to appear. A long barrel is ideal because it provides more rifling than a short barrel; this is why rifles are more accurate than pistols at long distances. The high degree of accuracy that a long barrel provides is critical for long-range shooting.


The average hunter won't typically use a rifle with a bipod, but this is definitely a feature that you'll want when you're buying a rifle for long-range hunting. At long distances, a slight shake of your rifle can result in the bullet missing the mark by a considerable margin — likely scaring the animal away and leaving you waiting to spot another. The presence of a bipod will provide you with a high degree of stability that can improve your accuracy. Look for a rifle that either comes with a bipod or that has a mount for easily adding one.

Bolt Action

A bolt-action rifle is generally a good choice for long-range hunting. You don't need a semiautomatic rifle, because you aren't going to be squeezing off a large number of shots in rapid succession. Instead, you'll wait until you have the perfect shot and then take it. Even if you aren't going to be taking rapid-fire shots, a bolt-action rifle will allow you to quickly load the next round into the chamber without significantly taking your sights off your prey. If you need a second shot to drop the animal, you'll then be able to aim and take it. Ask to speak to a sales rep at your local gun shop who has experience with long-range hunting, as he or she can help you to find the right rifle.

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