Three Reasons To Choose A Small-Diameter Pistol Silencer

There are many different reasons that you might decide to equip your 9 mm pistol with a silencer. Perhaps you're primarily interested in noise reduction to prevent hearing damage. Or, you might like how a silencer gives your handgun something of a tactical appearance. Whatever the reason, your local gun shop has a wide range of silencers that will suit your firearm. One thing that you'll notice is that pistol silencers are available in a variety of diameters, from small to wide. Here are some reasons that it's smart to choose a small-diameter silencer for your 9 mm pistol. 

It Won't Block Your Sights

A big reason to choose a small-diameter pistol silencer is that its size won't block the sights of your pistol. Whether you're into target shooting at your local gun range or you're equipping your firearm for home defense, you need to be able to quickly acquire your target with the help of the gun's built-in sights. The top side of a wide-diameter silencer can get in the way of the gun's sights, which would require you to add aftermarket sights. Conversely, the top of a small-diameter silencer is designed so that it will stay out of the way, thus making targeting easy.

It Won't Interfere With Attachments

When you're thinking about adding a silencer to your pistol, there's a good chance that it's not the only attachment that interests you. Many firearm owners add various attachments beneath the barrels of their pistols. For example, if you plan to use the firearm for home defense, you might wish to add a flashlight attachment that could help you to illuminate targets in the dark. A small-diameter silencer is sleek enough that it won't get in the way of any attachments that you mount below the barrel.

It's Easy To Maneuver

Another thing that you'll like about a small-diameter pistol silencer is that it allows the firearm to be fairly easy to maneuver, regardless of how you're using it. Whether you choose a long silencer or a short one, you want to be able to move the gun around with ease. Small-diameter silencers are often lighter in weight than their larger counterparts, which can help the handgun to feel balanced in your hands. A silencer with a wide diameter can be heavy, which could cause the gun to feel awkward in your hands because of the weight attached to the front of the barrel.

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