Three Non-Negotiable Hunting Backpack Features

There's an old Scandinavian saying: there's no bad weather, only bad clothes. For the modern-day hunter, it could easily be amended to: there's no bad weather, only bad gear. Having the right gear is the difference between comfort and discomfort, safety and danger in any outdoor adventure but especially on a hunt when having the best gear can mean the difference between a successful hunt and a total bust. One essential piece of gear on a hunt is a good backpack. Here are three features your hunting pack absolutely must have. 


A seasoned hunter never allows the weather to get in the way of a good hunt. When the animal is awake and roaming, so are you. But that means you may end up stalking during a complete deluge or even a snowstorm. Your gear needs to be ready for any circumstance. That means your backpack should be 100% waterproof to protect against the weather. It's just not enough to have a water-resistant pack when you're getting dumped on for hours. If it's not waterproof and weatherproof, the gear inside will get wet, guaranteed. A waterproof pack will keep your items snug and dry.

Ultralight Frame

You don't want your pack to add a significant amount of weight to your back. The items you'll be stuffing inside the pack and strapping to the pack should take up the majority of the weight. But your pack also needs to be sturdy, and the sturdiest packs have frames. Unfortunately, the unavoidable truth is that frames add weight. However, the trick is finding a pack designed with an ultralight frame. Aircraft aluminum is a great option for frame material because it's lightweight and very strong, but frames made of titanium or carbon fiber are just as strong and even lighter. These frames can weigh as little as 10 ounces.

Waist Strap

No matter how tough you are, after a while, your pack starts to wear on you if you're carrying too much weight. Neck and backaches from carrying overloaded packs are common, especially if those packs don't have waist straps. Waist straps aren't just for keeping the pack from slipping; they are essential for ensuring that the weight is properly distributed across your body. A properly fitted waist strap can redistribute 60% to 80% of the pack's weight to your hips rather than your back. This will massively reduce back injury. The strap should be worn snug across the top of your hip bones.

Look for a weatherproof hunting backpack in a store near you. 

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