A Horse Shelter Gives Your Horses A Place To Take Cover When Away From The Barn

You want your horses to be safe and comfortable when they're out in the pasture. They'll appreciate shade on hot days and a cover to duck under when it rains. A horse shelter is the perfect place for your horses to seek safety in bad weather. Here are some things you may want to know about horse shelters.

You Can Choose The Configuration

Decide the type of protection you want most from the shelter. If you mainly want shade, then a shelter on poles with a metal roof might be all you need so your horses can stand in shade and enjoy breezes through the sides of the shelter.

A shelter with sides on it will provide better protection during all seasons of the year. You can put two or three sides on your shelter. The fourth side is usually kept open so your horses can get in and out without bumping each other.

A shelter with sides protects your horses from rain and from blasts of cold air in the winter. However, you have to position the shelter just right so a solid wall faces the direction where cold winds usually come from.

You Can Buy Kits Or Portable Shelters

Decide if you want the horse shelter to be in the same place all the time. For permanent installation, the shelter is built on posts buried in the ground. A portable horse shelter can be pulled to a different location by your tractor. You might want a portable shelter so you can move it around during different seasons of the year for the best protection for your horses.

You can build the shelter from scratch, hire a builder, put the shelter together from a kit, or buy a horse shelter that's already made. Buying one that's already made is the most convenient option as long as you have a way to get it home or if the seller will deliver it.

You Can Add Features To The Shed

A horse shelter is often just a basic building with a roof and three walls. However, you can also add gates across the open side, and you can even add an enclosed feed storage room to the side of the shelter if you want to feed and water the horses inside.

Your budget may play a role in the type of shelter you choose, but it's worth it to pay more for quality construction and building materials. Your horses might be hurt by flimsy metal panels, so check the shelter after you buy it to make sure there are no sharp areas that could hurt your horses if they get rambunctious inside.

For more information about horse shelters, contact a company like Rarin' To Go Corrals.

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