Tips For Choosing The Best Gymnastics Attire For Your Child

Whether it's an Olympic competition or a dazzling college championship routines posted on social media, Americans love watching gymnastics. As a result, gymnastics classes remain a popular activity among youth. If your child shows an interest in the sport and you want to sign them up for lessons, you need to make sure you send them to class with the right attire. Wearing the wrong clothes can be a hindrance and may be unsafe.


Leotards are a staple of gymnastics training for girls. They are ideal because they are tight yet stretchable and allow free movement. You can choose from several types of leotards including short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and sleeveless. The smallest leotard sizes for young children are also lined in the front. Some have high scoop necklines while others have a back scoop. Look for leotards made of breathable, lightweight fabrics. You should also hand wash them to make them last longer.

As children get older, they may prefer to wear biketards, a combo of a leotard and biking shorts. Biketards are usually made of polyester and spandex blends.

Shirts and Shorts

Young boys generally wear shorts and tank tops during gymnastics practice. Girls who don't like leotards also wear shorts while training. Choose shorts that are above the knee and snug. You don't want shorts with loose material or embellishments like zippers and snaps that can hinder movement or get caught on gym equipment. An alternative to shorts is capri pants. Capris resemble tights and stop right above the knee.

If a child chooses to wear a tank top or t-shirt to gymnastics class, make sure that the top is tucked in tightly to shorts or have a tight fit so they are not a safety hazard.

Hair Accessories

Elite female gymnasts typically wear their hair in tight buns or slicked down ponytails during competition. This prevents their hair from being a distraction or obstructing their sight. Take cues from these gymnasts when fixing your child's hair for practice.

Use metal-free hair ties to put hair in ponytails or braid the hair in tight plaits. Avoid using any other hair accessories like floppy bows or metal hairpins that might fall out or get in your child's face as they perform tumbling exercises.

You can also use child-friendly, chemical-free hair gels made from botanical ingredients to help keep hair slicked down. Also, don't let your child wear any type of jewelry except for stud earrings during class. If your child wears glasses, have their frames fitted for a headband strap to secure the glasses during class.

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