Three Benefits Of Hot Yoga

For many people, yoga seems to be the answer to getting the proper amount of exercise in their life. It is not as joint-jarring as calisthenics or running, does not require a lot of equipment like weight lifting, and is not as difficult as dancing or other aerobic programs. You could take advantage of one of the many online yoga instruction videos and do your daily workout at home. However, if you really want to shake things up and get more of your body involved, consider going to a hot yoga studio. Here are just a few of the added benefits offered at Bikram yoga establishments.

Clearer Skin

Bikram yoga (commonly known as hot yoga) is done in a room where the heat and humidity are kept at a constant 105 degrees Fahrenheit and roughly 40 percent humidity. This environment causes the pores on your skin to open and expel the dirt and toxins that cause blemishes. While you may experience a breakout when you first start doing hot yoga, it is only due to your skin cleaning itself. Once all the toxins, bacteria, and dirt have been pushed out, your skin usually becomes more clear and radiant.

Relaxed Muscles and Joints

As you progress through the different poses, your muscles and joints are going to stretch. The further you can reach into a stretch, the better your results will be. Of course, the muscles and joints are not accustomed to the stretching and will put up a bit of a fight against it. However, the heat and humidity in a hot yoga session encourage the joints and muscles to relax. This means you will not only be able to stretch further and deeper, but also will not feel as much of the ache and pain from the workout the next day.

Improved Cardiovascular Performance

While aerobic exercise and running may get your heart pumping from all the exertion, hot yoga gets it pumping for a different reason. As the heat in the room heats up your body, your heart will want to pump more blood to keep things inside from overheating. While the same is done during high-intensity workouts, the exertion can be a bit much on your heart. Hot yoga gently increases your heart rate so it does not get over-stressed.

There are many different types of yoga classes. You can take them online or with a goat. However, if you really want the most benefits from your workouts, consider a hot yoga studio. For more information on hot yoga, visit a studio near you.

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