How To Hunt For Blackbuck Antelope

If you're a hunter who enjoys the thrill of the hunt and also likes to bring back trophies, you can't go wrong with a blackbuck antelope. Blackbuck antelopes have long, curling horns that reach high into the air and an attractive two-toned pelt. These animals originated in India, but you don't need to travel so far in order to hunt them. You can hunt blackbuck antelope in the United States when you travel to a hunting ranch. If you've never hunted these antelope before, here are a few tips that will help you bag one.

1. Camouflage yourself well.

All prey animals are wary, but blackbuck antelopes are particularly skittish. In order to hunt them successfully, you'll need to camouflage yourself very well. Always stay downwind of your quarry. Antelopes have a keen sense of smell, and you don't want them to scent you. You may want to invest in scent-masking sprays in order to give yourself extra insurance. Wear camouflage clothing that will help you blend in with your surroundings and stay very still when an antelope is in sight.

2. Wait for the antelope to come to you.

Unless you're an experienced hunter, you'll have better luck staying concealed while waiting for blackbuck antelopes to come to you. Hunting preserves offer blinds where you can comfortably wait until you have the opportunity to hunt your antelope. These blinds are typically set up in areas that antelopes are likely to frequent.

3. Aim carefully.

When you're hunting blackbuck antelopes, you need to aim very carefully. Take your time when lining up the shot. Blackbuck antelopes are very fast. If you shoot and miss, you likely won't get another shot before they go running into the brush. If you're not confident in your abilities as a marksman, take the time to practice before you go on your hunting trip. The ability to shoot confidently and accurately will pay off.

4. Stay safe.

Antelopes are prey animals, but that doesn't mean they're harmless. Antelope bucks can be very dangerous, and male blackbuck antelopes have been known to defend their territory. Always hunt your quarry from a safe distance. Ideally, the first shot you take should kill the antelope you're hunting. If it isn't a fatal shot, you will need to finish the hunt in another manner. It's safest to shoot the antelope a second time, rather than finishing it with a hunting knife. You want to stay out of reach of the antelope's horns and hooves at all times until you're sure it's dead.

For more information, contact a blackbuck antelope hunting ranch.

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