Saving Money And Getting More Range Time With Bulk 9mm Ammo

Maybe it was the John Wick movies that spurred your interest in target shooting. What sparked your interest doesn't matter. Enjoying a new hobby is what matters. Of course, the John Wick movies are pure fantasy. One reality new target shooters discover is 9mm ammunition costs money. Buying standard boxes of 50 rounds at the range could cut into your range time. Not everyone has the budget to shoot paper targets if box ammo comes with a high price. Thankfully, an option exists for those hoping to increase range time while keeping prices low — find bulk 9mm Luger ammo for sale.

Bulk Ammo Explained

A common way to move sales of anything involves offering discounts for large purchases. Range ammunition isn't excluded from this approach to moving merchandise. Sellers could provide tremendous discounts on 500 or 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Now, someone who doesn't spend a lot of time at the range might not see why so much ammunition becomes necessary. The reason reveals itself when shooting a 9mm pistol or carbine. 9mm rounds fed through a magazine in a semi-automatic firearms go fast. Going through 500 rounds in an hour wouldn't be uncommon. When shooting more than one firearm, you'll burn through a lot of ammo. If you bring friends along, they'll go through a lot of ammo, and maybe quickly. So, having a decent supply of bulk 9mm ammo makes sense. Saving money while maximizing range time and enjoyment should be a good combo. There are various other things to think about, though. 

Buying Target Ammunition

If your intentions for the bulk ammo strictly involve target shooting, then you won't need powerful ammunition. 9mm self-defense ammunition may travel well over 1,100 feet per second. The high velocity increases the power, and power isn't necessary to pierce a piece of paper. Decreased speed means less powder, which means less manufacturing cost. Why pay for something you don't need? Also, purchasing reloaded bulk ammo could further cut down on costs. 

Double Check on Feeding Issues 

The 9mm caliber is associated the most with semi-auto pistols. However, carbine rifles and even special revolvers can shoot 9mm. Those guns may be "picky" with ammunition. Quality ammunition should run through any firearm with no problems. Sometimes, however, the problem could be with the gun. You don't want to struggle with jams, seized cylinders, misfeeds, and more. Double check to make sure you're buying the best ammo for a particular model of firearm.

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