3 Things To Consider When Booking For Your Delaware River Tubing Adventure

Are you preparing for an exciting Delaware river tubing adventure with family or friends? Here are a few things to consider when booking your trip with an adventure company:

Are Lockers Available Onsite?

It's a good idea to find out if lockers will be available for use when you show up for your river tubing adventure. If so, you can bring a lot more along with you to accommodate your day than you could if you had to carry everything with you during the adventure.

Instead of packing just the essentials, you can pack things to make your trip to and from the river more enjoyable, such as extra snacks and clothing. Available locker space will also give you peace of mind in knowing that things like wallets, purses, and cameras that belong to your party will be safe while you're on the river.

In addition to making sure that locker storage space will be available for your party's use, find out exactly how much the locker rentals will cost and how the fees should be paid. If the lockers take quarters, be sure that you'll have enough change on hand to pay for the storage space.

Is Food Provided or Available for Sale?

You should also find out what kind of food, if any, will included in your river tubing adventure or will be available for sale somewhere on the premises. If food will be provided to you, make note of any food allergies or dietary restrictions that people in your party might have so that you can relay that information to your adventure guides. They'll do what they can to accommodate everyone in your party as long as they are alerted of food issues ahead of time.

If food won't be available, you'll have to make a list of easy-to-eat snacks to bring along on your trip. Things like granola bars, fruit, and sandwiches would be great options. But you'll have to carry around whatever you pack, so determine how much food each person in your party will need for the day and pack accordingly. You can always stop for something to eat on the way to or from the river.

What's Banned on the Adventure?

To avoid problems and inconvenience during your upcoming Delaware river tubing trip, it's important to find out if anything is banned on the adventure. For example, you may not be able to bring along a cooler, and alcohol might be completely banned.

If you end up bringing something along that is banned, you'll be without it during the entire river tubing trip, which could leave your party hungry, uncomfortable, and unhappy in general. Get a list of banned items from the river tubing company you're working with and simply leave those items at home.

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