Adding An OTF Knife To Your Collection? How To Care For Your New Investment

If you find yourself using knives on a regular basis, and you don't have an OTF knife in your collection, it's time to make the investment. OTF knives, or out-of-the-front knives are a must-have for your collection, especially if you do a lot of hunting. They're also the perfect addition to your survival and tactical gear. However, it's important to note that your OTF knife will require proper care and maintenance. Here are four tips to help keep your OTF knife in pristine condition:

Keep Your OTF Knife Clean

When it comes to caring for your OTF knife, the most important thing you can do is keep it clean. It's particularly important that you clean it thoroughly after each use. Dirt, oil and debris can get jammed inside the operating mechanism, making it difficult for your knife to engage properly. A thorough cleaning will remove the debris that can ruin your OTF knife. Always begin a cleaning session by blowing compressed air into the discharge chamber of your knife. The compressed air will remove dirt and dust that's trapped inside the chamber. Follow the compressed air by wiping the knife blade with a soft cloth. 

Apply Adequate Lubrication

Once you've cleaned your knife, you'll need to apply a good lubricant to the blade. Applying lubricant to the blade will help prevent damage. The lubricant will also ensure that the blade discharges properly. Without proper lubrication, your knife may not perform as needed. To properly lubricate your OTF knife, simply apply a small amount of gun oil to the blade, using a soft cloth. Your knife some be lubricated after each cleaning. 

Give Your Knife Some Use

Unlike regular fixed-blade knives, your OTF knife will need routine use to maintain proper working condition. Without use, the discharge mechanism may stick. If you're not going to be hunting for a while, or your OTF knife will be stored as part of your survival equipment, take it out for some practice about once a month. In a safe location, practice discharging your knife blade several times to keep the mechanism loose and reliable. 

Practice Proper Storage Routines

When storing your OTF knife, it's important that you practice proper procedures. Your OTF knife blade is susceptible to damage caused by rust and corrosion. Storing your knife in a clean, dry location will help protect the blade from moisture damage. It will also help keep dust out of the discharge chamber.

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