Things To Expect When You Play At A Desert Golf Course

When you picture a golf course, you might immediately think of lush, rolling fairways and a series of challenging water hazards. It's certainly true that a number of golf courses have this appearance, but this isn't always the case. If you're fortunate enough to travel to different geographic regions to play golf, you might eventually find yourself getting ready to tee off at a desert golf course. Such golf courses are common in states such as Arizona and New Mexico and can present you with a unique playing experience. Here are three things to expect when you play at a desert golf course.

Minimal Grass

Different desert golf courses have different amounts of grass, but you shouldn't be surprised to notice a minimal amount of this type of vegetation on the course that you're planning to play. Some desert golf courses only have grass on the tee boxes and greens —  meaning that their fairways are not made of grass, which is something that you've likely never encountered before. This setup is most common on par-three holes in which you should be able to reach the green in a single shot. There can be all sorts of things between the tee box and green, including sand, shrubs, and more.

Challenging Vegetation

When you play golf in a desert climate, you'll need to accept that some of the vegetation around you will be challenging. This is especially true of cacti, which are common around desert golf courses. When you make an errant tee or approach shot that leaves your ball in the rough, it's important to be careful around the cacti so that you don't get poked. The presence of these desert plants adds fun to your round of golf. While you normally want to do all that you can to stay out of the rough, you'll have even more of an incentive when the vegetation in the rough carries spikes.

Lots Of Sand

On a standard golf course, you might face just a single sand hazard per hole. In many cases, certain holes don't even have sand. This won't be the case when you play at a desert golf course. Given that sand is a fixture in desert climates, you can expect to see a lot of sand wherever you play. Its presence presents a challenge for all players, and especially for those who struggle with sand play. You'll want to devote some time to practicing shots out of sand bunkers before you tee off.

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