The Benefits of Buying and Using a Triple Axle, Tilt Bed Trailer for Recreational Use

If you have an ATV, a UTV, or dirt bikes you like to take with you everywhere. That is understandable; you never know where and when you are going to happen upon the perfect spot to drive these fun, recreational vehicles. The problem is, you need some way of moving these vehicles when you are taking a road trip. You may not have extra drivers or you may have road rules that say these rec vehicles cannot go on the road (in certain states). A trailer is ideal, especially if you have a truck or SUV that can pull the trailer. Your best bet here is a triple axle, tilt bed trailer. Here are the benefits to buying and using this type of trailer for hauling all of your recreational toys. 

The Triple Axle Allows Freedom of Movement and Heavy Hauling

The triple axle means that you will be able to turn with this trailer a lot easier than a single axle trailer. It also means that you can haul more weight than the standard flatbed trailer. So, if you want to take your UTV, ATV, and two dirt bikes on the road with you, this is the trailer that can haul all of that with no problems. 

The Tilt Bed Helps You Load and Unload Without a Ramp

When you unhitch this trailer bed, the v-hitch support tilts down and forces the trailer bed up. The back of the trailer ends up almost touching the ground, removing the need for a loading ramp for your rec vehicles. An ATV or UTV can easily roll up the tilted flatbed as though there is no space between the ground and the very back end of the trailer. Dirt bikes can be loaded manually, or lifted onto the flatbed and secured with ratcheting straps.

Once these vehicles are loaded onto the bed of the trailer, you set your emergency brakes on the vehicles (except for the dirt bikes), and then tie or secure the vehicles to the trailer. When you unload your vehicles, you just roll off the back of the trailer in reverse as though there is a ramp there. The downward slope of the tilted-up trailer bed makes it really easy to unload your stuff.

Some Tilt-Beds Come with a Short Back Gate for Added Protection

If you want some reassurance that your recreational vehicles are not simply going to roll off the back, some tilt-bed trailers come with an eight- to ten-inch rear gate. Your tie-down job should be enough, but if the straps or chains fail, the gate will slow the rolling vehicle so that any loss or resulting damages will not be as bad. The gate also doubles as a mini-ramp, in case you need it. 

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