Pros And Cons Of Choosing An Enclosed Console For Your Boat

When you shop for a center console boat, one of the decisions that you'll need to make is whether you'll choose a boat with an enclosed console or one that is simply covered. In the latter style, the console has a roof and posts at each corner, while an enclosed console typically has a structure on three sides. Once you've seen a few boats with enclosed consoles, you might lean toward this type of setup. Before you buy your boat and head out on the water, here are some pros and cons of enclosed consoles.

Pro: Protection From The Weather

The weather on the water can be unpredictable, and when you have a center console that merely has a roof, you won't have full protection from wind and spraying water. This can make for a semi-unpleasant day of boating, especially if the conditions are somewhat cool. An enclosed console can keep the wind at bay and also keep you dry, which can have a major role in augmenting the fun that you have while driving your boat.

Con: Communication Challenges

On a center console boat, it's common for passengers to be seated ahead of the person controlling the boat. With an open console, communication between these parties is easy, even when the sound of the boat's motor is loud. An enclosed console presents a challenge in this regard. For example, if your passengers are trying to sell you something, you may not be able to hear them when you're in the enclosed space.

Pro: Privacy While Moored

During your boating outing, you might occasionally want to visit a marina and stop for a while. In doing so, you might want a little privacy from your fellow boaters and even people who are just walking around the marina. An enclosed console provides plenty of privacy, especially if it's equipped with tarps that you can pull over the windows. This may be ideal, for example, if you're having lunch and don't want people to bother you.

Con: Increased Maintenance

The more things that you add to your center console boat, the more maintenance projects that you'll need to tackle in the future. Although your enclosed console area should last for a long time with proper care, you may eventually need to replace certain elements. For example, if the sides have a zippered section that allows you to open and close them, the zipper may eventually fail and require replacing. Give some thought to the pros and cons of enclosed consoles, and then choose your boat accordingly.

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