Etiquette Guidelines for Having Cannabis Delivered

People have been having pizza and other fast food delivered for years, and as such, a pretty strong etiquette has developed around the process. Lately, however, cannabis delivery companies have been popping up. Since ordering cannabis legally is a whole new experience for most people, you may not be sure what etiquette is expected. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

1. Be ready to answer the door.

When you call for cannabis delivery or order delivery on an app, they will generally give you an estimate of how long your order will take to arrive. Some companies even allow you to track their drivers via an app! Since this information is provided, it is expected that you'll be ready to answer the door when the delivery person arrives. Don't leave them waiting at the door for five minutes as you fumble to put on clothes.

2. Pay electronically.

Although some cannabis delivery companies do accept cash, it's really preferred that you pay electronically if at all possible. This provides a level of protection for both you and the delivery company. They cannot later argue that you did not pay, and you will have proof of the sale to request a refund or an exchange if anything is wrong with the product. Cannabis delivery drivers don't typically want to be driving around with a lot of cash, either, as this puts them at risk of theft. Most companies will accept Venmo, Apple Pay, and similar electronic payment options.

3. Tip your delivery person.

As with any other delivery service, it is expected, although not outright required, that you tip your delivery person. An extra two or three dollars will do for most orders. You can leave this tip electronically in most cases, although it does not hurt to ask your delivery person if they'd prefer a cash tip; some do. Tipping well helps establish a relationship with your delivery person. If you buy from them again, they're more likely to move your delivery to the top of the list or fill your bag a little heavier.

4. Don't keep the delivery person waiting.

Cannabis delivery people often get paid per delivery. Thus, once they have delivered your product and accepted payment, they will want to move on. Do not keep them by inviting them in or offering to smoke them out. They may stay because they're being polite, but really you are taking away from their earnings.

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