The Houston Rockets’ decision to add Carmelo Anthony to a team that gelled so well last season has been met with plenty of skepticism, but veteran forward PJ Tucker insists everything is going to be fine.Some have wondered if Anthony, James Harden and Chris Paul will be able to share the floor together, as all three players are considered scorers who are used to having the ball in their hands. Tucker feels it is common sense that an elite scorer like ‘Melo will fit in on a team that puts up so many points. As for the actual offensive scheme, Tucker says Paul makes life easier for everyone on the floor. He doesn’t expect that to be any different with Anthony. Mike D’Antoni has yet to commit to Anthony being a starter or reserve player, and it may make sense for the 34-year-old to come off the bench. We already know how oddsmakers feel about Carmelo joining the Rockets, but Anthony and his new teammates will have plenty of motivation to prove them wrong.