This might get buried but I have been reffing for about 9 years and I love it! You get paid to exercise and watch some very good basketball sometimes.

I find the issue is egos with refs, they’re so sure they made the right call all the time so they try to justify it to themselves. This essentially leads to always believing you are right. It’s also easy to bail yourself out of a bad scenario by saying “that’s what I saw”. I tend to let coaches know when I make a mistake or miss a call, it usually defuses the situation 90% of the time and they appreciate the honesty.

I also find funny enough, ages 9-12 have crazy parents who are just absolutely insane. Around 13/14 it becomes the players that start to give attitude, so you really prep yourself based on age level. Coaches are equally crazy throughout, but much less intense at a younger age since they focus more on teaching and not getting their kids bailed out on flopping or looking for a whistle.

Lastly other than actually liking my job, I do get yelled at and called everything under the sun. I have yet to be assaulted, spat on, or have something racist said against me. I still like it, but to be honest it pays REALLY well so I keep doing it!