I get shit for all my takes on the WNBA, but the truth is all womens sports have either sex appeal, or connect with girls and women as role models (or both). The WNBA does neither. I’m not saying turn this shit into the lingerie football league, that’s even more of a joke, but if you aren’t gonna get men to want to watch, you have to at least get girls to see themselves, or some part of themselves in the athletes; and hopefully keep them watching when they grow up into women.

Every time the summer olympics are on all the women I know want to watch women’s gymnastics, soccer, tennis, swimming, track and field, volleyball, hell even the equestrian events before they want to watch women’s basketball (I wonder how much of this is also the disparity in skill between countries). If women’s basketball can’t even make a splash at the olympics, which is like the one time people in america give a fuck about pole vaulting, something needs to change.

The WNBA needs to do something to relate to, and connect with high school girls more. Yea, girls playing basketball are probably interested in the WNBA, but they need to spread that net to capture the other 98% that don’t play high school basketball.