If we win this year, I’d rather have the threepeat over 2016.

2016 would’ve meant a lot because it would’ve been the OG core, back to back, and arguably the greatest season of all time. 3 in 4 has been done before, nobody’s done 73 and a ring. I also feel that 3 in 4 is more likely to happen in the future than 73 and a ring (or even just 73).

Though, like I said, 4 in 5 with a threepeat is unheard of the in the modern NBA and unlikely to save replicated, so that’s where I draw the line.

Another thing is that I was more invested in the 2015/16 warriors than I have been the past couple years. Part of that is because I still lived in the bay then/watched more warriors games. But the main part is that 2015/16 were much more exciting to watch in the regular season because the narrative around them was more interesting. I watched a lot of 2016/17 because I wanted to see KD, but I definitely watched less Warriors games this past year because I wasn’t watching anything new (versus other teams that were more interesting like the Rockets & Bucks which I watched a lot more of).