your logic doesn’t make sense. yeah, the US is at fault for not diagnosing him earlier, but he ultimately was diagnosed in the pre-draft period and as a consequence was not allowed to play in the league. by similar analogy, Chris Bosh has carried the genetic predisposition for his blood clots all his life too, but it only was detected when he was halfway into his career.

prior mistakes are no reason for excusing unethical behavior now. if the NBA allowed Chris Bosh to play now, I’d be criticizing them in the same way.

regardless of prior history, it is a highly unethical thing for the Chinese league to permit him to play. it’s not about advising an adult on their choices. there are plenty of cases where institutions prohibit people from certain jobs if their medical situation makes them a danger to themselves or others around them. the blame here lies entirely on China.

edit: it seems like other leagues in the middle east, etc, have also cleared him to play. I won’t limit my criticism to China. every country that allows him to play is ethically and morally questionable.