Combate America plans to produce a great deal of content in the
near future, as The Wrap has confirmed that two projects in what
will be known as La Juala Studios in New York will focus on
and Amanda

Perez will be featured in a docuseries entitled “Rootas” — it
means “roots” in Spanish — that will follow his journey toward
becoming a more complete fighter, as he travels to Thailand to
train muay Thai with champion Buakaw Banchamek. “El Goyito” has
posted four straight wins, three of them in the
Ultimate Fighting Championship
and another on Combate Americas.
The series will chronicle five fighters and their attempt to find
unique ways to train for competition.

Serrano will be the focus of “The Real Deal,” a motion picture that
will document her training for boxing and mixed martial arts. She
has updated her progress on social media, and while her MMA debut
ended in a draw, she showed promise against Corina
at Combate Americas “Combate Estrellas” in April.
Serrano will face Yamila Esther Reynoso on Sept. 8, as she attempts
to become a five-division boxing champion. She was a gold medalist
at a recent Grappling Industries tournament.

With the studios focused entirely on fighters competing under the
Combate Americas flag, it appears as though the promotion is fully
invested in creating stars in the MMA world. According to The Wrap,
Combate Americas is the first MMA organization to start its own
production company.

Edward Carbajal serves as the lead MMA analyst for Frontproof Media and
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