it might be helpful to link each cell to the corresponding box score but i fully admit that could get very busy, very fast (and doesn’t really fit with the rest of the tables).

like i said, i love the utilitarian nature and it doesn’t take long to get used to a new “feature” considering it fits in easily with the rest of the site.

while we’re at it, the play index tools are incredible. it might not be practical and i know the info is explained on the play index index page but having the ability to filter/search by a single player directly on the main season/game/event/streak/etc. finder page would be a welcomed addition. the search abilities of the sports reference sites is already incredibly powerful and beautifully presented.

either way, i love sports reference. basketball-reference is the crowning jewel of basketball stats resources. keep up the good work. i know myself and others are very appreciative of the hard work you guys put in to make such a great free resource.