After winning the “CM Punk” lottery and accepting a pay-per-view
slot against the former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar,
capitalized on the moment and exposed the gap between a
novice and a professional mixed martial artist. Gall dismantled
in a fight that did not even last half a round.

The New Jersey-born Gall followed his thrashing of Brooks with a
rear-naked choke submission against Sage
. However, his momentum grinded to a halt at UFC 217,
where he dropped a decision to Randy
. Currently 4-1, Gall will attempt to right his ship when
he meets George
UFC Fight Night 135
this Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska.

As Gall eyes his latest challenge, here are five things you might
not know about the Miller Brothers standout:

1. He holds the rank of brown belt in Gracie

Gall started boxing at the age of 13 and added another weapon to
his arsenal when he started his Brazilian jiu-jitsu training at 16.
A multiple-time North American Grappling Association and Grappler’s
Quest champion, the Gracie jiu-jitsu brown belt credits his
strategic thinking to professor David Adiv — a man Rickson
refers to as “The Brain.” Gall put all his skills
together when he turned his attention to mixed martial arts at age

2. He used to deliver bread for Walmart to fund his
jiu-jitsu training.

Jiu-jitsu classes are not free. During his time as a Rutgers
University student, Gall worked as a bread truck driver to pay for
them. His passion appears to have paid off, as he transitioned from
delivering buns to earning some substantial dough in the
Ultimate Fighting Championship

3. He has a serious appetite for tortilla chips and

The Octagon is not the only high-profile stage upon which Gall has
appeared. He was in a hilarious Super Bowl commercial for GoPuff.
The ad shows Gall sitting in a salsa-filled pool with a gigantic
bowl of chips — a witty reference that makes use of a literal
“super bowl.”

4. He makes his online presence felt.

Gall has embraced today’s social media-crazed world by remaining
active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. His fan-friendly
approach has raised his profile and built his brand, as he attempts
to become a household name in MMA.

5. He maintains a brutal training regime.

Driven by his competitive fire, Gall never gets out of shape. He
keeps himself well-conditioned at all times, training for four
hours a day on average. That level of discipline, when coupled with
his physical gifts, could propel Gall into the upper tier of the
welterweight division by the time he reaches his prime.