Assist numbers arent specifically what im talking about, and they arent soley indicative of a players playmaking skills. Guys like the long fellow on the hornets (think its Batum, not sure) , Jonathan Simmons, Derrick Rose, and Pau Gasol for example, are all better passers than their assists would make someone believe.

When talking curry specifically, yes his ability from 3 certainly helps draw gravity, but hes also got A; a ridiculously effecient and well taught team, and B; a tendency to attempt unnecessarily flashy passes that turn into turnovers. Hes curbed that habit better this recent year, but those are still factors.

I cant and wont pretend like Westbrook is always making the right pass, there’s plenty of times he is far too reckless. But youre cherry picking a bit here.

I never said the players i mentioned always do this, i said specifically that they are also prone to it, especially when it comes to Lebron. Your reasoning for the Rockets is completely obvious and unneeded. Everyone who watched them for more than 2 games knows this.

Youre repeatedly mentioning TAPG as if its the sole factor of team fluidity. Yes, its one factor, but it is not the defining measurement of a teams success in playmaking. Youre demonizing westbrook while not giving lebron the same treatment, even though its clear as day to anyone who watches that he does the same thing. The amount of times he forces a pass into someone who’s covered or off balance is not rare. His own teammates called the assist hunting out.

On the Wizards comment, this was specifically mentioning the time when Wall and his teammates were (temporarily) clashing openly. Noting team apg is just a meh reasoning that contributes nothing to an argument when i was specifically citing the fact all the players i mentioned sometimes do this. Theres a reason youre getting downvoted so much. ✌