claims he wants
Ultimate Fighting Championship
welterweight champion Tyrone
Woodley to come out on top against Darren Till
next month at UFC 228 so he finally gets to face him as the
champion, maintaining that Woodley has ducked him in the past.

Covington and Woodley trained together several years ago and
according to Covington, he dominated the champion in their
exchanges. Covington was a recent guest on BJ Penn radio and said he’ll be cheering for
Woodley in the title fight next month before taking some personal
jabs at him in true “Chaos” style.

“It’s gonna be the doughboy [Till] versus the soy boy [Woodley] at
UFC 228,” Covington said. “I mean I never thought I would say this,
but I’m actually rooting for Woodley. I want him to win, because I
don’t want him to f*ck up everything I built. I built this fight
with him for over a year and a half. I’ve been begging to fight
him, dude, he’s ducking me every shot he can. So I’m begging for
Woodley not to f*ck this up, but I just don’t know. I don’t know
what’s left in the tank. Man, he’s older… man, he’s 36. He’s been
in Hollywood. He’s on his little soy boy diet. He’s doing his
little B-list movies that are going straight to DVD that no one
cares about.”

Once the fight next month starts, Covington will be officially
stripped of his interim title, though he is a likely first choice
to face the winner. Covington was unable to take the fight against
Woodley in September due to nasal surgery and rather than have the
champ wait, the UFC decided to move forward with the Woodley-Till