A Cavaliers traded player exception created in last August’s Kyrie Irving trade with the Celtics is set to expire if it’s not used by the end of the day on Wednesday. The exception, which is worth $3,051,019, was created last Aug. 22.

As we explain in our glossary entry on the subject, traded player exceptions can be used to acquire one or more players whose salaries fits within the amount of the exception (plus $100K). Using their TPE, the over-the-cap Cavaliers wouldn’t have to send out any salary if they were to acquire a player earning $3M.

The Cavs have actually already made use of their Irving trade exception, which was initially worth over $5.8M. When Cleveland acquired Sam Dekker from the Clippers earlier this offseason, the club didn’t send any salary to L.A. in the deal, taking on Dekker’s $2.76M salary using a part of that TPE. So even if the Cavs let the rest of the exception expire, they’ve already been able to take advantage of it.

The Cavaliers’ traded player exception is the first of a handful of modest TPEs around the NBA which are set to expire before the 2018/19 regular season gets underway. Here are the rest:

  • Sept. 3: New Orleans Pelicans ($3,853,931)
  • Sept. 24: Memphis Grizzlies ($2,077,360)
  • Sept. 25: Los Angeles Clippers ($1,577,230)
  • Sept. 25: New York Knicks ($2,381,964)
  • Oct. 15: Cleveland Cavaliers ($2,500,000)
  • Oct. 15: Cleveland Cavaliers ($1,312,611)

The complete list of available traded player exceptions can be found right here.