The Spurs were trying to save face for Kawhi going AWOL, we take the blame so the media wouldn’t hound him for a word about it which definitely what he would’ve liked, we were trying to protect him from the ESPN dog hounds. Try to keep him happy till we see him play (after the original 9 games) and see if we can offer him the max.

But then he just stopped talking altogether it seems and wouldn’t talk to us until we offered a max deal without seeing his progress. When PATFO realised where it was heading thats when the players (Manu & Tony) confronted him as to wtf he was doing being so shady, not coming back (To play or sit on the bench) after that confirms Kawhi was done.

Kawhi knew he wanted to leave before this even happened, it wasn’t because of the injury; we had relinquished treatment for it before the season even started for Gods sakes.

That’s what I speculate happened from what I’ve read and thought of at least.