Reading in the earlier post about Derozan speaking up was really disheartening. Mental problems have been a constant for me and many of those around me and I honestly thought that the general consensus was, or had, taken a sharp turn where mental health issues are becoming better understood by most people.

Dude grew up poor in Compton and is a literal rags to riches story where he suddenly has millions of dollars and is telling you that despite being a top 30 player in the NBA and having the money to do nearly anything conceivable and he’s still telling you that it doesn’t fix it.

Top 12 comments:

Ok then give me you’re money, I’ll be happy for you.

Yeah, I wish everyone was rich too!

Now I’m not saying you’re wrong but if I, a person not suffering from mental illness, had your kind of money there’s no way I could be sad.

Various Kanye quotes that devolve into discussions about the point above.

Sprinkle in a bunch of thinly veiled anger about a man better off than themselves also having issues in their life and baby you got how /r/nba understands mental illness.