First, it doesnt matter if I know your friends or not. A scientifically proven effect is true regardless of my relationship with the subject. I dont know you, but I assume the law of gravity still applies to you.

Second, yes thats how side effects work. Not everyone who does coke loses weight, but many do…therefore weight loss is a side effect of coke. ‘Many’ people who get shot by a gun die. Not all die, but they certainly aren’t doing the opposite: surviving… because…they got shot? Doing coke does not cause weight gain.

Third, yes we are talking about chronic use becauss that’s the time frame that weight loss and weight gain happen in. You can go for a night out, do every drug on the planet and then either eat everything you see or eat nothing at all…your weight is not going to change meaningfully in one day.

Fourth, I’m not really sure what your talking about with the fat storage thing. You’re gonna have to link me to a scientific source explaining that. Maybe you mean cocaine withdrawal? Because if you do then naturally you’d have to agree that cocaine leads to weight loss.