Professional Fighters League
welterweight division is a
microcosm of the league as a whole, offering sizzling knockouts, a
breakout star and more than a little chaos and confusion. Now that
Thursday’s PFL 6 is out of the way, let’s pick through the

The breakout star, of course, is Ray Cooper
, who followed up his upset of Jake Shields
last month by knocking out Pavel Kusch
in 18 seconds on Thursday. By smoking the powerful Kusch, Cooper
secured the top seed in the welterweight playoffs and cemented
himself as the signature story of the entire season so far.

Just behind Cooper sits Joao
, who slid only one spot in the standings after taking
care of business with a third-round submission win over Yuri
. Shields, recipient of the aforementioned upset loss
to Cooper, did enough to lock down his own playoff berth with a
typically workmanlike decision win over Herman
, while Rick Story
took full advantage of his matchup with newcomer Carlton
, choking the Alaskan unconscious in the second round and
vaulting himself into the fourth seed.

Here’s where it gets a bit complicated. Note that there are 13
fighters represented in the graphic rather than 12. Paul
, who had been pulled from the rankings and replaced by
Minus when he withdrew from the Story fight, has reappeared. While
seven of the eight playoff berths are confirmed to be filled, the
final spot has not been officially given to Abubakar
. Nurmagomedov has the same won-lost record and
point total as Shields, but loses the tiebreaker to the American
based on having been finished sooner in his loss. It is unknown at
this point whether PFL intends to try and book Bradley in a fight
at its Aug. 30 “make-up” card, award the playoff spot to one or the
other fighter without making Bradley fight again or do something
else entirely.

A hearty hat tip to Sherdog’s resident statistics maven, Jay
Pettry, for his clarification of the PFL rules. Jay’s most recent Fight Facts column contains a
wealth of trivial and not-so-trivial information on PFL 6 and the

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