Surging light heavyweight contender Anthony
has already brutally knocked out two former divisional
champions in a row since moving up from middleweight earlier this
year, and now he’s aiming for a title shot of his own.

However, the light heavyweight champion is also now the heavyweight
champion, meaning Daniel
has two belts to defend. Cormier’s made it no secret
that he’s excitedly preparing for a big money fight against
after winning the heavyweight title from Stipe
at UFC 226 last month, leaving the light heavyweight
division in the lurch.

“Lionheart” is once again set to fight for a third time in five
months when he takes on Volkan
on Oct. 27, and should Smith emerge victorious, he’s
ready for a title shot with or without Cormier:

“I think a finish over Oezdemir puts me in line for a title shot.
I’m not here to challenge DC to a fight. The only thing I challenge
DC to do is do the right thing,” Smith told Submission Radio on

“I think that DC has had a really great career. I think that he’s
been a great champion. I think that he’s a stand-up guy for the
most part. I think that the UFC and the game as a whole has been
good to him; I challenge him to return that back to the game and
either sign on the line and put up your title or get out of my way
and don’t hold up my journey.”

Strangely enough, Cormier frequently said he would grant Mauricio Rua
a title shot if “Shogun” pulled of a fourth win in a row. Smith put
a violent end to that idea about a minute and a half into round
one, and Cormier hasn’t expressed much interest in a light
heavyweight challenger ever since.

Oezdemir himself is coming off of a TKO loss to Cormier at UFC 220
in Jan., and will be looking for a path back to the title himself
against Smith.

Smith says Oezdemir is the perfect opponent to make his final
statement for a title shot, as both men are strikers with proven
knockout power:

“I think that it’s another brutal finish. I really do. I think that
our styles match up perfectly for me. Volkan’s not shooting
takedowns, it’s just not happening. So even if he watches this and
decides, ‘alright, I’m gonna take him down because he’s not gonna
be expecting it,’ it doesn’t matter because Volkan doesn’t have it
in him.

“Not that he’s not able to, but just his style and his mentality.
Volkan’s not shooting any takedowns. So, with the threat of a
takedown completely off the table, I don’t think that there’s
anyone at 205 that’s gonna win a striking battle with me.”

Smith and Oezdemir will headline
UFC Fight Night 138
in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.