JP DELLACAMERA: Roma have won three consecutive games, but they have struggled on the road, especially in UEFA competition, as the teams are now out of the tunnel. Driven, hit by [INAUDIBLE], and stopped by Pyatov! It comes out and it’s blocked! Fazio had a chance to give Roma the lead on that rebound. Perotti, Dzeko has an open man. Under breaking in! Off the goalkeeper’s hands and in! Roma have the road goal for Under!

TONY DICICCO: Pyatov doesn’t get his hands up far enough and it ends up off his body and into the back of the net. Defending corner kicks in general, JP, have been a little difficult spot here.

JP DELLACAMERA: A chance here. Goalkeeper’s out of position, coming back. Ferreyra! Goal! 1-1.

TONY DICICCO: Cuts it back through his legs and then as cool as you like. Taison thinks about it, takes it–

TONY DICICCO: Oh what a save. You’re thinking this ball is going to the near post. Taison goes far post. Look at the rotation on that ball.

JP DELLACAMERA: Replay, it’s Fred– off the crossbar and in! 2-1 Shakhtar Donetsk! Alisson has been sharp the entire half, keeping Roma in this, but I must say a well deserved goal.

JP DELLACAMERA: Taison, look at that cut. Taison in front– blocked! Saved by Alisson!

TONY DICICCO: Was it maybe off of Gerson as well?

JP DELLACAMERA: He had his foot up there. Good one to call.

TONY DICICCO: Boy, what an interesting leg too here, JP, that this one’s going to be. Because I think it’s clear to anyone who is watching, and I’m sure it’s clear to Roma, I’m sure it’s clear to Di Francesco, that this Shakhtar team can play.